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Visita Escuelas Vilarnau

Cavas Vilarnau offers a unique learning experience for all school levels and that aims to teach about the origins, history, culture and cava values.

During the visit, the students will acquire knowledge about the cava’s crafting process.

A sensorial visit that allows one to get to know firsthand where the grape grows and the way it is used.

INCLUDES. Nursery education. 1 glass of cava 0,0/ Primary school.  1 glass of cava 0,0 / Secondary school.  Glass of cava 0,0/ Bachillerato.  1 glass of cava 0,0 and cava to those +18 / Vocational education and training (VET).  2 cavas tasting / University.  2 cavas tasting.

* Optional initiation wine tasting course, where a water with added sweet, sugar and salt tasting will take place to train the taste. And an olfactory experience to learn the smells that can be found in the wine and cava. Extra cost of 5€ per student.

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  • Nursery education. 6€ Student / Primary school. 10€ Student / Secondary school. 10€ Student / Bachillerato. 12€ Student / Vocational education and training (VET). 15€ Student / University. 15€ Student.