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The spirit of Vilarnau

Get to know the essence of Vilarnau

Consumption of Vilarnau was, until very recently, was restricted to a privildeged few, who were in the know. Today Vilarnau’s fame is expanding abroad and is on a mission to create awareness about its distinguished background and excellent cavas. A beautiful location, exceptional surroundings, meticulous winemaking processes, a rigorous respect for the environment and a team of people who come to work full of enthusiasm every day: this is what Vilarnau is all about, this is our spirit and this is what we attempt to transmit in every bottle that we make.


Our aim at Vilarnau is make the best cava with as little impact on our planet environment as possible. We make our living from the land, so looking after and nurturing it as best we can is in our DNA. The better we treat the land and our environment, the better the fruit the vines produce will be and the better our cava will be. As a winery we are pioneers in the region in how we calculate our carbon footprint for both the commercial side of the business and the product itself. Our aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and we approach this challenge in three different ways:

By monitoring every phase of the process we are aware of our true impact on the environment on a monthly basis. We take the appropriate measures to reduce emissions as much as possible and identify where we can make improvements. By installing a biomass boiler, for example, we have been able to reduce consumption of fossil fuels by using the waste from pruning along with organic material from the woods in the area.

Vilarnau is surrounded by a lake of water that we use to irrigate the winery gardens and the vineyards as well, when necessary. The lake consists of rainwater that is collected from the roof, as was the practise generations ago.

As well as separating, re-using and recycling the waste we generate, we select our suppliers depending on the type of packs and packaging they use. 
We are also creating a composting area so that we can recycle the organic waste that is generated in the cellar every day.

Vilarnau holds the Organic Viticulture Certificate issued by the Catalan Council for Organic Agriculture, which means tha we have reduced chemical and phytosanitary treatments by 50%. Equally, we do not use herbicides, instead we create sexual confusion by using pheromones to avoid pest infestations and use organic compost only in areas where  necessary.